Sometimes being distracted by video games isn’t a bad thing

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I’ve been tackling the issue of health benefits related to video games for over a month now. Admittedly these benefits are pretty broadly covered and common sense amongst avid gamers. Stuff about improving dexterity, hand-eye coordination and exercise are definitely good advantages to playing video games. Parents think about playing video games as a form of luxury or past time for kids who’s got some time to spare outside of school. And they sometimes thinks that this obsession about video games affects their growth. But how about the less fortunate people who need to play video games to be distracted?

Today, I stumbled upon an organisation called, ‘Child’s Play’.

It’s a charity organisation funded by the gaming industry which hopes to improve the lives of sick and ill children in hospitals all across the world. This organisation supplies hospitals with gaming consoles, video games, books and toys to help children. The organisation accepts donations from people and has an online wishlist showing what games these children would want to play.

Discovering this organisation has changed my mindset about health benefits of video games. Being distracted by video games also acts positively to aid mental health. Millions of children across the world struggle against terminal diseases and terrible disabilities everyday, in their eyes video games are a means of escape, to help relieve them of the harsh reality that they face.

Here’s a link to their website:

This is some powerful stuff, especially the testimonial section.



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