A response to Beer and Joysticks!

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So I was looking at Chris’ article from Beer and Joysticks and it got me thinking.

Has video games really helped me solve a real life problem? I think that’s another interesting thing I can file under this website. I would agree that video games to some extent has helped me solved some really troubling issues with my life and the life of other people too!

So I asked a bunch of friends and other people on Facebook the same question and the response is that video games has helped them relieve issues of stress. A friend of mine, Cameron has claimed that: 

“Mass effect 3 is my go-to game when i’m feeling stressed or just sick of stuff. usually blows up in my face though thanks to those fucking premium spectre packs that never give me what i want”

Another interesting comment I received on this issue was Julian, who said: 

“The Sims 2 was quite a big help in my adolescence. When I moved from an American school back to Malaysia, the initial culture shock meant that I wasn’t very liked or well-received with most of the local and other Asian students. 

Admittedly I had created my Sims 2 neighbourhoods and storylines with customised downloads to better reflect my boarding school around me, but in a way that I can shape its outcome to help me understand my mistakes back in high school (aka why she took offense to me, why he never gave back my camera, etc.). It really did help that Sims 2 had a University Life expansion pack”

There are also other benefits which I will expand on over the next few days but generally video games have been a good source to relieve social and mental pressures. It’s like a form of anti-stress. 

I’m sure some of you remember the game ‘Weapon Closet’ when you were a kid. That game features a variety of weapons which you can plant on to your screen and watch as your 3000 word essay burns into digital smithereens (Thank god I saved a backup!)



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