Dance Dance Re-Evolution!

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This time I want to talk about the revolution of the Dance Dance Revolution games and their sub genres.

DDR was first released in Japan in 1998 and was very popular with players of all ages. Over the years the relationship shared between DDR and video game Arcades have become almost synonymous. When I go to the Arcade I think of really old Neo Geo games, fighters, first person shooters and of course – Dance Dance Revolution.

DDR of course is a game which requires the players to press the buttons under their feet corresponding the direction shown on the screen. This simulates the motion of dancing and following the beat and is a very good game which adds a fantastic album of music, exercise and fast energetic gameplay.

This video shows a person experience DDR.

There’s just too many DDR spin offs for me to count but there is definitely one suitable for anyone. In fact DDR has become such a cultural phenomenon,  Kleinedler’s article discusses how DDR is used to teach teenagers group fitness.

With the advent of better gaming technology, the ways to play dance revolution games has changed as well. Unlike the Arcade version of DDR made almost 20 years ago, some earlier console DDR games uses fold up sensor mats to simulate the feel of playing at the Arcade. The weakness of playing DDR is that the game makes you focus too much on leg movements and doesn’t truly mimic the feel of dancing. But nowadays we don’t even need to use the mat, we simply use motion sensor cameras like Xbox Kinect which captures full body motion. Games like Dance Central and Just Dance are very good examples of new generation of games in the dance genre.

And here’s a video of the Star Wars Kinect dance off game as Darth Vader attempts to seduce you to the dark side with epic dance moves:

The point I’m trying to make here is that these games are a very good source of health fitness. Games like Wii Fit are designed for slow paced workouts but these party games don’t just work but can also be fun at parties or with family.

Maybe next time I’ll talk about music beat games…


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