Video Games Can Increase Resiliency…Really?…Yes!

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Another interesting study by a fellow blogger.

Nurturing Resilient Children

Over the last several years, parents have increasingly become more concerned about the negative influence of video games and related technology on our children. One of the biggest concerns is the fear that our children are becoming ‘addicted’ to gaming and are thus, living lives that are increasingly becoming more isolated and less active.

New research by Dr. Jane McGonigal, however, is suggesting the opposite.

Who is Dr. Jane McGonigal you ask???

In short, she is a world-renowned game designer and futurist, inventor of SuperBetter; and author of the New York Times bestseller Reality is Broken. She was also named by Oprah as one of the “20 Most Inspiring Women in the World.”

According to Dr. McGonigal, the “gamification” or negative impact of gaming on our nation can actually be flipped on its head and used to increase our children’s resiliency and their desire to be socially engaged and helpful. She…

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