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Since I posted an article on DDR this time I’ll be discussing some other games which train hand-eye coordination, limb strength and encouraging people to get more active.

The game I’ll be focusing on this time is the Taiko no Tatsujin series which is a bunch of musical rhythm games which uses a large circular drum. The game has an album of songs on different difficulties and the goal of the game is to hit the drum based on the different symbols on the screen. I’ve had some experience playing Taiko in the past on the PSP handheld console, it’s entertaining fun listening and following certain rhythmic music from a variety of genres such as Japanese folktale to popular songs from Japanese anime and television dramas.

^This is a level I will never reach.

Playing Taiko in the arcade with an actual drum is on a whole other level. I can tell you that after playing it, my wrists hurt like hell, I was sweating like crazy and I couldn’t catch up. Taiko is definitely a game which requires strong hand-eye coordination, stamina and wrist strength and goes to show how the affordance of video game controllers have changed in a number of creative ways which can be quite physically challenging.

The western equivalent of this game would probably be the Guitar Hero series and Rockband series. That game was more oriented towards playing with friends and is most famous for its drum kit and guitar controllers. Those games are not as tiring but I would argue that it focuses more on training the player’s mental health and trains the player’s brain activity.

^I remember a joke a friend made about how he got hospitalised playing Through the Fire and Flames on expert mode

I asked friends on Facebook what types of games are similar to these and they’ve come up with a few of their own.

A few months ago I stayed overseas in Hong Kong over summer holidays. While there I met up with a few old friends back in secondary school and he took me to the arcade with him. The short time I spent there I was engrossed in this giant arcade machine that looks like a futuristic washing machine. The game is called Maimai+ and I think it takes these forms of highly interactive arcade games on a whole new level.

This game doesn’t test strength unlike all the other games I’ve mentioned thus far but it tests hand-eye coordination more than anything else.

If you guys got any other suggestions I’ve missed out on, let me know!