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Video games as a surgical tool

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I read an article a few weeks back about how video games could be used to enhance surgical skills in surgeons in the United States. According to Fleming’s article, a recent experiment conducted by Dr James Rosser in Florida Hospital Celebration Health used the game Super Monkey Ball as a tool to see if video games can be used to improve surgical skills. I’m a bit skeptical about the effects of this game but from what I could understand 150 surgeons played the game prior to performing a simulated laparoscopic surgery while the other 150 didn’t.

The results shows that those who did play Super Monkey ball scored higher than those that didn’t. I’m astonished but also still a critical about whether these two are actually that well connected. I mean I’d be a little worried if my doctor lost a game of League of Legends or Call of Duty before doing a life and death operation. But I think this is a massive breakthrough knowing that video games can be used to improve concentration and reduce clinical errors. The picture I linked above is from the game known as Surgery Simulator which basically takes a real life concept and make it stupidly difficult for gamers. It’s done for laughs but the Simulator series has gotten quite a fanbase for its wide array of games.

But seriously though, Super Monkey Ball…?